Answers to Questions for Choosing a Listing Agent

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10 Answers You Need To Hear Before Choosing a Realtor To Sell Your Home

1)     Which company are you with?  

COLDWELL BANKER of course!!  Seriously any company (and there are one or two others - although Coldwell Banker is still #1 in sales) that has a long successful history, a reputation of honesty and integrity, and significant national and global reach.


2)     Have you successfully sold similar homes before?  

Although many new agents may have greater enthusiasm and energy, you still   must demand experienced negotiators and skilled sales pros who can provide knowledgeable representation.  So the answer must be yes. 


3)     How will you market my home?

A successful Listing Agent will employ many methods for their marketing campaign. They will have a strong presence in both print and social media. They will introduce themselves to your neighbors, both in person and by frequent mailings.  They will either have the talent to stage and photograph your home to its best advantage, or they will hire professionals to do it for them.  


4)     Will you invite other brokers to view my home?

Absolutely, at an open house exclusively for Realtors, Listing Agents will introduce the qualities of your home to appreciative Buyer Agents from many     other companies as soon as it is officially listed on the Multiple Listing Service.


5)     How often will you hold Open Houses?

If you, as well as your community, allow the listing agent to do so, either a team member, accomplished co-worker, or the agent themselves will conduct Open Houses every weekend.  They will alert the public to these events through various websites and mailings while posting frequent large signs with attention grabbing balloons within a .5 mile radius of your home.


6)     Will you be advertising on the internet, as well as print and signs?

More than 80% of ALL Buyers today first see their home on the internet.  The professional Realtor will have your home displayed in almost 1,000 different     websites, including their own.  Many of these Websites, such as:, Zillow,, and will immediately connect Buyer inquiries, providing web-based leads, to a Coldwell Banker Listing Agent's phone using Rapid Response Technology. 


7)     Do you have knowledge of and a strong presence on Social Media?

Today's Listing agent must have a strong, frequent and far reaching presence in a variety of Social Network platforms.  They will provide targeted ads on Facebook, produce videos on YouTube pin pictures on Pinterest post photos on Instagram and Tweet about your home on Twitter.


8)     Will you inform my neighbors personally?

The Listing Agent MUST, immediately after placing your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) introduce herself to your community, by sending "Just Listed" postcards and knocking on your neighbor's doors.  It is not only a friendly gesture, but also a chance to help facilitate your sale by recognizing the desire for homeowners to maintain a close proximity to family and friends.


9)     How will I be kept “in the loop” as to the activity?

The Listing Agent will not only keep you up to date with their progress in frequent phone calls, but they will also provide you with Facebook and Google Analytics, as well as a Market Insider Report regarding current market trends in your community, and Showing Time Reports containing charts, graphs and feedback provided by Buyer's Agents who have shown your home.


10)   Will you be present for all showings?

Of course the Listing Agent must be present at all showings.  They should always be available not only to point out all of the qualities and unique               characteristics of your home, but also to provide information about the various   features, requirements and bylaws of your community.                          

A lock box can't quite replace a dedicated and talented Realtor!